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19th Century Show Globes
Various Drugstore Items

This page includes examples of apothecary products contained in a vintage apothecary book.

Fuller and Fuller Co. Drugs, Chemicals, Oils catalog
Jeweled Mortar Drugstore Sign
Drugstore Show Globes from the 19th Century
Drugstore Show Globes from the Fuller and Fuller Co.
Drugstore Show Globes from the 19th Century
Pharmacy Labels from the 19th Century. Used on LUG bottles.

Coupons From the USP and the NF
In the 1920's the USP and NF placed a coupon of authenticy in their book's. This ensured that the information contained in the book was correct.

National Formulary Coupon circa 1926
US Pharmacopeia Coupon circa 1927

Drug Ad's from the 1950's

Asorbine Jr. and Vicks Inhaler from 1950's
Anacin ad claiming to treat headache, nerve pain and depression
Super Anahist even treats the cold virus
Bufferin acts twice as fast as aspirin
Candettes contain 2 different of antibiotics
Coldene cough medicine ad circa 1956
Dr. Scholl's Zino-pads
Gleem toothpaste proving it kills germs
Stanback powders for pain
Lavoris ad
NoDoz Ad
Phillips Milk of Magnesia
NoDoz Ad
Cuticura Soap ad
Knox Gelatine for nails

Opium Order Forms 1923
In 1914 a law was passed that allowed the US Treasury Department to tax certain drugs. This was the way the government got around the Constitutional Personal rights issue regarding banning mood altering substances. They simply taxed the drugs so they were still available. This form is ordering opium and cocaine for a pharmacy.

US Internal Revenue Order Forms for Opium, etc. 1923

National Prohibition Act prescription
The National Prohibition Act allowed a person to get whiskey or other alcohol under a doctors prescription. This example was filled 5-22-1927 for Whiskey with the directions saying take 1 to 1 1/2 ounces twice daily.

National Prohibition Act prescription certificate
Narcotic IRS penny tax stamp 1943

Where to find the William & Joan Soderlund Pharmacy Museum
This pharmacy museum is provided to give a slightly different perspective about the history of the drugstore than found on most other Drugstore Museums websites. You can visit Drugstore Museum on line or in person. 

The William A. Soderlund, Sr. Pharmacy Museum is located at Soderlund Village Drug in downtown St. Peter, Minnesota. For more information about how to contact us click here.

Alka-Seltzer Ad 1932 Dr. Miles Medical Co Elkhart Ind