1907 Information about Cajeput

Uses of Cajeput in 1907
Uses.—This oil is highly stimulant, produc-ing when swallowed, a sense of heat, with an increased fullness and frequency of pulse, and exciting in some instances profuse perspira-tion. It is much esteemed by the Malays and other people of the East, who consider it a panacea. The complaints to which it is best adapted are probably chronic rheumatism, and spasmodic affections of the stomach and bowels, unconnected with inflammation. It has been extolled as a remedy in spasmodic cholera, and has been used also as a diffusible stimulant in low fevers. It is said to have been used in the collapsed state of cholera, with unexpected success, in the dose of from fifteen grains to a drachm (1.0 to 3.9 Gm.) in a single potion. (Ann. Ther., 1867, p. 71.) Diluted with an equal proportion of olive oil, it is applied ex-ternally to relieve gouty and rheumatic pains. Like most other highly stimulating essential oils, it relieves toothache if introduced into the hollow of the carious tooth. Delvaux, who has made extensive use of this oil, has found it beneficial, given internally, in dyspepsia with flatulence, in the early stages and milder forms of cholera, in verminose affections in children, in chronic laryngitis and bronchitis, in chronic catarrh of the bladder, in chronic rheumatism of the joints with little or no swelling, and in painful chronic rheumatism of the muscles and fibromuscular tissues, whether external or internal. Externally applied, Delvaux has derived great benefit from it in various cutaneous diseases, as pityriasis, psoriasis, and especially in that extremely obstinate affection of the face, acne rosacea, which he has often succeeded in curing by the simple application of this oil three tunes a day. (Ann. Ther., 1862, p. 38.)
Dose, from three to ten minims (0.2 to 0.6 Co.).
Off. Prep.—I/inimentum Crotonis, Br.; Spiri-tus Cajuputi, Br.